Trust Love, Love Mercy pairs art with stylish, yet super comfortable clothes and merchandise and then gives 50% of its profits to feed the poor.  For more information please feel free to email us at shughes@thenextagency.com.  You can also check out www.scotthughes.art to see more of the art that inspired this brand.  

You may be curious about the 50% to the poor statement.  Profit is what is left over from what we collect from this store or from a retailer minus 1. the cost of the original product we buy (the hat, the shoes, the printed t-shirt or hoodie), 2. the shipping cost and 3. the taxes.  Right now we don't apply staff costs or overhead to this figure, but we may do so as we grow.  As far as where we give to, currently we are giving to www.OneGenAway.com which feeds people in the Nashville, TN area.  We will expand to other charities as we grow.  We also see emotional and spiritual help as feeding, so we while we are starting by physically feeding people with food (and we will always have this as a component) we plan on also feeding people with housing, clothes and also feeding them emotionally and spiritually as we grow.  Please feel free to email with any questions.  

You may also be curious about returns, we have a 100% return policy for 30 days and will credit you back for the product cost, we ask that you pay for the shipping of the product (both to you and back to us).  Email us to let us know if you want to return something. 

If you want a customized color (wether a hat, shirt, hoodie, or the paint color on a hat, or pair of shoes) please email for custom colors.  

As far as shipping, we use USPS and UPS and at times FedEx, but mostly USPS.  

Orders take about a week to get to most people, this is because sometimes we are creating a new hat or pair of shoes for you because we are sold out, but usually we ship within a day of getting your order if its in stock.  

Custom orders can take two to three weeks, as we need to source the shoes, hats, shirts etc. before we can paint them, let them dry and then ship them to you.